I need you like water in my lungs💧#blackandwhite
Little late for this but #ootd #plaid #guess #forever21 #aeo
I might be the coolest cousin ever. #birthdaygift #homemadeplaydough #modido #wintergreenartscenter #fifthbirthday
#Cuddlebuddy #catsofinstagram
Thank ya Easter Bunny #catsofinstagram 🐰🐱
Ever mine, ever thine, ever ours. 🌷 #happyeaster #sunshine
Will you still love me
When I’m no longer 
Young and beautiful..🎶 
#lanadelrey #seriousselfie #oneofthosedays
She’s been holding onto me like this ever since I got home from the accident. #catsofinstagram #happyididntdie #love
Needed this today. #hatersgonnahate
I’m so pissed. Listen here lady, you asked me to edit the pictures because you didn’t like how your child’s face looked. I think you have some seriously messed up ways of thinking, and that you should seek help ASAP because you’re unsatisfied with your 5 & 3 year old children’s appearance. I agree that professionalism is very important, and I have conducted myself with every ounce of professionalism. I have bended over backwards for you, taking days off from my actual job AND investing in new technology to change your photos. Yes, you payed me $100 for a shoot. That’s less than standard rate. However that didn’t cover all the bull I’ve had to crawl through ever since I told you I’d take your pictures. My phone is broken, and you’ve almost gotten me fired already, because I’m too nice. I should have told you exactly where to stick your precious ego that you’ve somehow accumulated in this whole process. If anything, his has taught me that I don’t have to be nice to people like you. I don’t have to kiss the people who kick me. I hope you have a blessed day, and take your messed up ways of thinking and large expectations of “business” somewhere else. Because honestly, you’ve cost me $450 in the long run. I’m done.
I don’t want to gain the whole world
And loose my soul🌸 #selfie
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#lazyday #legsfordays #chillin #nike
Oh gosh. #tbt #throwback #seventhgrade but I posted this because of Bud ❤️ miss your happy face in church, but I know you’re much happier where you are now. @olivialovebug
Branny new kicks courtesy of the best boyfriend ever, @immikejames ❤️ thank you darling these are sweet 😘 xoxo #nike #gift #bestbf